Company Profile

BCR is a recruiter for the blue collar industry. From commercial construction to resources, we service all sectors. We bring value by offering a quick placement process with no hassle. There are no labour contracts, leasing agreements or commission structures. It is a free service for employees and employers pay a low fixed rate to get them the people they need – right now. Let’s build a better Canada, together.

Vision Statement

  • Building Canada’s Future, Together.

Mission Statement

  • Building repeat clientele and long term relationships for the betterment of Canada’s workforce.

Core Values

  • Integrity, Reliability, Execution

What We Do

BCR is here to revolutionize the construction recruiting process. We offer exactly what employees and employers want: Quick employment and a seamless hiring process. We understand that you want to build a career and not move company to company. Your employer wants this to, so rather than leasing you labour, we find you the right fit.

BCR will recruit, interview and align each individual with a company’s needs. After matching a candidate with an opportunity, we will then turn over the personnel file to the company seeking the candidate. No commission, no high fees, no risk.